• petting zoo
  • milking demo
  • pig races
  • hay wagon rides
  • dairy barn tours
  • picnic area
  • clean restrooms
  • playground

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for the tour and other activities

We love animals, but please leave your pets at home

Pigprices & info

  • $7 admission, tax included
  • Chilrdren 2 and younger FREE!
  • Each guest will receive a pumpkin from the patch

We welcome large groups (10+), but we ask that you call ahead of time so that we may better accommodate you.

  • strollers welcome


    • -Saturday-
    • 10:00AM - 6:00PM

    • -Sunday-
    • 12:00PM - 6:00PM

  • Monday through Friday - by appointment only
Meet the Klausmeyers


In 2005 we started our first dairy tours catering to guests such as school field trips, birthday parties, and family groups. Our main goal in starting the tours was to have an opportunity to teach people how milk and dairy products ultimately end up grocery stores and in the kitchens across America. At first, we thought it would show people the work they took for granted in having dairy products, but soon realized it was more about teaching an understanding in why we do what we do. It was very surprising to hear the vast amount of questions people had about dairy farming, but "Farmer Dave", my husband, has been doing this for almost all his life and could answer just about any questions people had when it came to dairy farming.

We love running a family business because it gives us an opportunity to work for ourselves and with other members of our family. We have six kids and all have done chores on a daily basis at some point in their lives. Our sons, Scott and Adam, do a lot of work on the farm, all while having their own jobs to attend to during the day. Scott's wife, Carrie, is always eager to help often driving a combine during harvest. Our daughters, Katie, Sarah, Peggy, and their husbands are all willing to offer a helping hand as well during the busy times such as wheat harvest and the pumpkin patch season. Theresa, our youngest, is still in high school and her friends lend their help as well. Our grandkids, seven of them, all love being on the farm, learning how to feed and take care of the smaller animals. Our hope is to continue our family farm and instill the hard work it takes to operate a farm so that it will stay a family business for years to come.